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Brief General conditions of purchase

Please select the type of purchase:

Retail purchase (for personal use)

Minimum order amount for retail customers - 1 000 RUB. (excluding shipping).

The product can be purchased piece.

Detailed conditions for retail purchase as described here

Buying wholesale (for resale) 

Wholesale prices apply when ALL the following THREE conditions. (If one of the conditions of the goods sold at small wholesale prices)

1. The purchase of each required code of a product at least 3 units (with the exception of Eve. knitwear and jewelry - they can be 1 piece of each code). Underwear, socks and tights are strictly not less than 3 units (all required sizes). Product code indicated in parentheses in the name of each item.

 • On the category "Towels", there are special terms of purchase that are described in the catalog "Towels".

2. Minimum purchase of 6000 RUB (for Nab. Chelny - from 3000 RUB).
3. Purchase for resale.

Detailed conditions of wholesale purchases described here

Buying as an organizer SP

Wholesale prices are for OSP when ALL THREE following conditions. (If one of the conditions of the goods sold at small wholesale prices).


1. To acquire each necessary item:
• All items except socks and towels – от 1 units.

• Socks – 2 pairs with the same code.

• On the category "Towels", there are special terms of purchase that are described in the catalog "Towels".

Please note that there are products that are sold packages for these goods, the above conditions do not apply.

2. Minimum order amount from 5000 RUB (for the city of Nab. Chelny - from 3000 RUB)

3. Purchase for SP (STRICTLY need a reference to Your SP in the order comments. Without reference to the order will be considered wholesale, and You will need to fulfill the conditions described at "Conditions for Wholesale").

ATTENTION (very common question from buyers): do I have to take the ENTIRE assortment (all product categories)?
This is not necessary. You can take any product (either socks or socks and underwear; or Ivanovo knitwear; or only little by little, at Your discretion, i.e. only what You need), but the minimum number of each chosen code (SKU) of the item should be strictly according to the rules specified above (see item 1)

 Detailed terms of purchase for the materials described here


The average duration of collection of WHOLESALE and swaps orders from 5 working days. *

The average duration of collecting RETAIL orders from 7 working days. *


Payment terms 

card Sberbank, Avangard
on the settlement account of the IP

Money transfer (PaySend, Zolotaya Korona, Unistream, Western Union and others) if you pay from foreign countries

The payment card is in the name of "Aliya Gabdelyahatovna Z." (head of the online store)

Payment within 3 days. The goods after you place your order is not reserved, is collected only after payment.


The methods and conditions of delivery

Transport companies (payment for shipping upon receipt of the order), detailed conditions of delivery of TK can be seen here.

A list of commonly used transportation companies can be viewed  here



transport company

Contact phone
ЖелДорЭкспедиция т. 8-800-100-55-05
Деловые линии т. 8-800-100-80-00
ПЭК т. (8552) 53-48-88, (8552) 31-51-15
Энергия т. 8-800-700-70-00
Автотрейдинг т. 8-800-100-50-00
Карго т. 8-800-333-03-83
Кит т. 8 (8552) 44-88-15
Байкал-Сервис т. (8552) 39-26-95, (8552) 39-51-37
Ратэк т. 8-800-555-55-15
CDEK (the cost of sending is paid by the buyer before submitting the order, after complete Assembly and measurement of order parameters: the weight and size of the load) т. 8-800-250-14-05, 8-800-250-04-05

(The above-mentioned transport companies we use constantly the following not yet used, but they are in our city)

Attenta т. (8552) 53-76-50
ГлавДоставка т. (8552) 534-620
РейлКонтинент т. (8552) 36-52-62
ТРАНСКАРГО-КАЗАНЬ т. 8-800-775-50-20
SPSR-EXPRESS т. 8-800-555-54-45

Russian post, EMS post (advance payment before shipping the order), detailed conditions of Mail delivery can be viewed here.

Delivery to TC and Mail free.

+7 (963) 123 78 78
Пн–Пт 09:00–16:30,
Субб. 09:00–15:00
[email protected]om
г. Набережные Челны,
Альметьевский тракт 28с1.
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