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Conditions for OSP

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On our site service is available for the easy downloading of the goods in the network and format in Excel. Detailed instructions on how to add a button to a toolbar of your browser is described on page You can Also use a widget that appears in every section of our catalog. For our customers this service totally free! Requires only registration in



The average duration of collection of bulk orders from 5 working days. *


This page is ONLY for organizers of joint purchases (OSP). If You are NOT OSP, but want to buy our product at wholesale prices for resale, then You need to go to the page "Conditions for Wholesale" and to fulfill the conditions described there.


Work with all types of entities.


Wholesale prices are designed for people purchasing for sale and swaps and fulfilled the conditions of wholesale purchase (for wholesalers, the conditions described at "Conditions for Wholesale", for OSP - below on this page).

The market price of our products is 2-4 times more expensive than our wholesale prices.


Wholesale buyers special conditions. We provide underwear, socks, tights and other products at the best prices. We are glad to cooperate with you on favorable and convenient terms and conditions:



To make an order you can at any convenient time.


Wholesale prices are for OSP when ALL THREE following conditions. (If one of the conditions of the goods sold at wholesale (retail) prices).


1. To acquire each necessary item:
• All items except socks and towels – 1 EA.

• Socks – 2 pairs with the same code.

• On the category "Towels", there are special terms of purchase that are described in the catalog "Towels".

Please note that there are products that are sold packages for these goods, the above conditions do not apply.

2. Minimum order amount from 5000 rubles. (for the city of Nab. Chelny - from 3000 RUB)

3. Purchase for SP (STRICTLY need a reference to Your SP in the order comments. Without reference to the order will be wholesale, You will need to comply with the terms and described on the page "Conditions for Wholesale").

ATTENTION (very common question from buyers): do I have to take the ENTIRE assortment (all product categories)? 
This is not necessary. You can take any product (either socks or socks and underwear; or Ivanovo knitwear; or only little by little, at Your discretion, i.e. only what You need), but the minimum number of each chosen code (SKU) of the item should be strictly according to the rules specified above (see item 1)


If at the time of payment of the goods is not available, then we put the replacement identical in appearance, composition, size, texture, price product (different is only the code and number). If the replacements You absolutely do not need, You can write about it in the comments. Also if Your booking was made replacement, and when You find it difficult receiving to the point what was changed, You can make a request to us by phone + 7 963 123 78 78 or email [email protected] and we will send You the data on Your return.



Method of payment - 100% PREPAYMENT


In order to register with us as a swap You need to state this in the order comments.

The website of the order after the Commission sends to our company email and email address of the buyer's order form listing the selected buyer of the goods. After we order we will bill. If the conditions described in this section, the goods are sold at wholesale prices. 


Payment within 3 days. After you place your order the Product is reserved, is collected only after payment.

If You have any doubts about ordering, payment options, or our honesty, please, to solve these issues before making an order. Guarantee our honest work described in Question and answer. If You make the order, the remnants down on the website and then abandon the order - the next order we accept is already at a premium, or paying the costs of the previous order. We are open for responsible, creditworthy people who having made an order, pay for it. You can also come to our warehouse yourself (if from a distance - it is better to specify the time in advance by phone +7-963-123-78-78) if remote acquisition of goods scares You.


All the photos on the website made by us (except for Ivanovskogo knit). They are allowed to organize Your sales. To gather a better purchase within 1-3 weeks of submission. 80% of products in each receipt is not duplicated, the new ones.


Options order payment

The organizers of joint purchases, we offer 2 options of payment for their orders to choose from:

1. The organizer of joint purchases, collects money from customers and these funds pay a pre-payment.

In this case, the Deposit is 100% of the amount of the order. At the time of your order all items are in stock. By default, this option is the prepayment in the invoice.

2. The organizer of joint purchases pays for the order from their own funds to advance to collect them from customers.

With this payment option we try to meet the organizer of joint purchases and set Deposit is much less than the order amount (about 20-50% of the total order). The amount of the prepayment in this case is set individually. If the Buyer wants to pay by this method, you need to write about it either in the comments or mail us (or reply to an account that was exposed to us by default in the first embodiment). After collecting the order is Supplement and the attached invoice, which will list included in the order. 


After ordering on the website, its copy also comes to Buyer's email, which was specified in the order. In this order lists the goods that the Buyer chose.


(!) After the full collection order the rejection of any goods is not accepted and the order is paid in full.


Download price-sheet with residues on 14.11.17

(especially important to the organizers of joint purchases, focus on the goods with large quantity)


If the quantity is insufficient on the website, (it is edited according to the remains on the warehouse) and you want to make a large order, You can contact us by phone, we will resolve this issue. Receipt of goods from us every 2-4 weeks.


100% prepayment on the card Sberbank.

Payment on settlement account IP. In comments to the order Specify that you want to work through the current account.

Also willing to accept payment on the Bank card Avangard.


The payment card is in the name of "Aliya Gabdelyahatovna Z" (head of the online store)


Transport companies that we have in our city

Address and time schedule location of our warehouse

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to order



* The build time of the orders depends on the workload of the warehouse. Intentionally we have no control over time. Collect orders in the order queue at a fast pace. The collection time can be less. On average, the orders try to collect for 3 days. During product acceptance, the timing of collection of orders may increase significantly. Please be sensitive to this information.



Wholesale storage of "Rosalia".

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