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How to order

Dear buyers! Before ordering please read our terms and conditions:

Conditions of delivery and payment in the section "Delivery and payment".

Conditions of work with wholesale buyers in the section "Conditions for Wholesale".

Working conditions with the organizers of joint purchases in the section "Conditions for OSP".

Terms for retail customers "Terms for Retail".


All products displayed on the website are in stock. The site is updated daily on the balance of goods. All prices are per 1 unit of product. If for example you need a bundle of socks, then you need to put in column number "12", depending on which package quantity. The product is sold in retail at small wholesale prices, and wholesale. The product is released in any quantity, according to section "Delivery and payment", "Conditions for Wholesaleи "Conditions for OSP". Please note that some items require a certain amount. This information is indicated in the product description, in all other cases, the goods piece.

 The size and color.

Available sizes and colors listed in each product. The dimensions shown are what they actually are, not those specified on the label. If You need 52 choose 52-th size. To take the 50th with the hope that he balsamica, not worth it. The Size Of The Russian.



In the catalog, select the section You want and find the items You want.

The principle of buying the same as in the real store: You take a basket and go to collect the goods.


1. Choose the available parameters of the product such as "Size" and "Color" and put the product to the cart the "Buy button".



2. To display the contents of the basket and/or edit the quantity of items in basket, click on basket icon at the top of the page.


3. After dialing the required number of items click on the shopping cart page by clicking on the "Trash icon".

4. Will open the page of Your cart where you can adjust the quantity and to check the whole order. Next, you need to enter the contact information necessary for us to fill in the "Address" field, then the system will automatically calculate the delivery cost and will be available shipping methods to Your city, then you need to choose a shipping method and pay for the order and click "Checkout".



Please note.

If you don't know your email address or You do not have to specify any, e.g. 1@ROZALIYA8.RU

Write-off of money nor any of the accounts not occur at checkout. Methods of payment described in the relevant page "Delivery and payment"


Enjoy your shopping, from online shop with respect to wholesale warehouse"Rosalia".


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